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Set up an Oyster Table for your next Oyster Roast !

Need to make an oyster table?  The simplest tables are made out of 1/2 inch plywood with two holes cut out of them so they can rest on top of two 32 gallon receptacles. Cut the opening in your table smaller than the openings of your receptacles.  The receptacles act as the legs for your table, as well as the where you toss your empty oyster shells.  Remember to only put oyster shells in the receptacles so that the shells can be recycled!  Any table will work just remember to please recycle the oyster shells.  How do you recycle the shells?

To get the oysters open you will need a good oyster knife and a hand towel or gloves to hold the hot oysters.  On the table you will want a variety of condiments including saltine crackers, hot sauce and Cocktail sauce to dip your oyster in.  Melted butter with garlic, Buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce are also becoming popular condiments for the oyster table too.  They are also delicious hot right out of the shell.  There is no wrong or right way to eat an oyster!

Now that you know how it is done, head down to your local seafood market and pick up a few bushels and let the fun begin.  Hot oysters, cold beverages and good friends make for a great time!