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About us

Living in the Low Country here in South Carolina, Kari and Jamey have been regulars at every family or friend’s Low Country boil, oyster roast, clam bake and Beaufort stew since becoming a couple. “We were always in attendance with the usual odds and ends needed to get the job done. Our pockets were constantly bulging with oyster knives, forks and even pliers. Inevitably, once on the table they would wind up missing, leaving us to scavenge for someone else’s tools!”

This constant frustration eventually led to a breakthrough. Why have multiple utensils, when you can just combine them all? Our unique patented utensil joins the best of every world, allowing for easy shucking, more leverage while shell splitting, a clean dipping method and most important, frustration free eating! “After using our garage made prototype personally for years and with much encouragement from friends and family Lowcountry Shuckers was born!”

We provide a wide variety of designs matching any individual taste perfectly. We offer custom orders, big or small, based on favorite colors, designs or even sports teams! Also if your organizing a company-sponsored event we can monogram your utensils for you, providing that personalized touch your clients and co-workers love in a gift bag.

This handcrafted, American made product is the ultimate necessity for all seafood lovers looking to make a splash, whether it’s at a boil or roast you’ll be sure to stand out!